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Nitrile flooring industrial gloves

This type of gloves is made of nitrile synthetic latex gloves and has a smooth surface and is woven from polyester G 13. . These gloves are flexible, ergonomic and have a high grip. The unique feature of this type of glove is its high resistance to oil derivatives.
Uses: In the field of Household-construction ,painting-painting-agriculture, and horticulture-transportation, warehousing and cleaning, assembly lines, maintenance , repair, automotive , rail industries , aerospace industries and services related to petroleum derivatives are used.



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productsdescriptionnunbersprice ( $ )country
product 1product 1 product 1101000
product 2product 1 product 11010000
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Relying on science and technical knowledge and active membership in Science and Technology Park, the company produces various industrial gloves and aims to provide maximum safety and maintain the required efficiency of users’ hands.  The company is based on the principles of customer-orientation and quality management. Due to the high sales share of this type of glove in Iran and having the high quality of manufactured gloves, we intend to take a wider step towards offering our products and have a good share of the market of neighboring countries. 


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Hassan Fereydounian